Why does everything fall to me?

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This breaks my heart because Dean just knows that these smiles are all wrong. They’re broken smiles, from a man who can’t be bothered to keep holding on. And you can see it, in Dean’s eyes - that concern, that confusion - because the angel is supposed to help him believe, help him restore his faith. Somewhere along the line his angel was broken - and I don’t think Dean realized it until it was too late, which is why he is trying so hard to save him. 

Months later and I still believe every word I wrote here is true.

Months later and I’m still crying because it’s true

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House Week Day 4 | Favorite Friendship - House/Wilson aka Hilson 

"House, you’re right. Why not? Why not date you? I-i-it’s brilliant. We’ve known each other for years, We’ve put up with all kinds of crap from each other, and we keep coming back. We’re a couple!"

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Eggs - The BoxTrolls

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